Woven Cotton Area Rug , Floor Mat , Shabby Rag Throw Rug


SIZE AND COLOR: 2 x 4.3 feet, not includes tassels, tassels are about 2 inches, with cute knots. There are six colors for you. Due to the manufacturing process, each rug is completely unique – you may see slight variations in color, no two rugs are identical.
MATERIAL: Natural Cotton, a woven cotton area rug with hand-knotted fringe tassels, heavyweight floor carpet reversible for double use with super Wear resistance. Cotton material makes excellent water absorption. Use of a rug liner between flooring or carpeted surfaces is highly recommended to help prevent the transfer of colors.
EXCELLENT PRACTICALITY: Lay flat, Has enough weight to fit snugly on your floor. No edge rolling, do not hinder walking or pets running around. A Perfect choice to your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, entryway, Laundry Room, living rooms, Even your office, dorms for it is simple enough, easy to match.
MAINTENANCE: Machine washable in cold water. Roll it up for storage. The cotton rug may have slightly wrinkled after drying or long time storage, can be restored by using a steam iron or lay flat for a few days.
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Woven Cotton Area Rug , Floor Mat , Shabby Rag Throw Rug
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