Upgraded Solar Pool Cleaner Solar Pool Ionizer System


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Stop Chlorine Damaging Your Hair And Skin

Continuous exposure to chlorine over several years can result in premature aging and can affect your hair and skin’s health tremendously.

This Pool Ionizer System is definitely the best solution for you, because it uses copper ionization that lessens chlorine up to 85%, plus it kills algae before it form and take over your pool.

Powered by environmental friendly solar panels, it’s safe, effective and a healthy option for treating different pool types, spas, saltwater and even drinking water.

You can now use fewer and smaller amount of chemicals in your pool with this pool ionizer. Below are some more if its benefits and details:

Softer Water: Ion-sanitized water is silky soft. It’s gentle on skin and hair, so no more dry, itchy skin and stiff hair. It shouldn’t irritate your eyes as well as improves water chemical levels.

Less Need for Chlorine: You will still need some chlorine to supplement your pool ionizer. However, it wold not be as much as you need when you sanitize your pool with chlorine alone.

Nontoxic Minerals: The metal ions produced by the pool ionizer contain low levels of copper and silver which are harmless, even if someone accidentally swallows pool water.


Material: Plastic & Copper 

Color: White 

Size(approx): 25*21cm 

Battery: Built-in Rechargeable Battery 

Package Includes: 

1 Copper Anode

1 Metal Cleaning Brush

1 Copper Test Kit

Reduce Chlorine up to 85%! Enjoy pool time without the chemical smell, damage and irritation on your skin and hair.

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Upgraded Solar Pool Cleaner Solar Pool Ionizer System

Availability: In stock