Powerful Compact Hunting Binoculars


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Tired of bulky binoculars? Try out these pocket-sized binoculars then!

What Are The Best Binoculars

Perfect for hunting, boating, birdwatching, or watching outdoor sports, these binoculars let you experience the action as if you were standing right there. With an amazing 2,000 meter range, these mini binoculars are the best compact binoculars you can purchase. No blurry images here! Our compact binoculars deliver sharp, clear images. With 40x magnification, you can zoom in and see dramatic details.

How Do Binoculars Work


Vision Compensation Wheel: Adjust for vision difference between the left and right sides with the compensation wheel. Simply turn it to focus.

2000 Meter Range: You can zoom in and see impressive detail. With a 2000 meter range, you can see your prey well before it spots you.

40x Magnification: Small but powerful, these binoculars let you see details even from a great distance. With 40x the magnification of the naked eye, you can bird watch, hunt, or watch sports no matter how far away.

How To Focus Binoculars

Benefits Of The Powerful Compact Hunting Binoculars:

Pocket-Sized: Stop lugging around heavy, bulky binoculars. These compact binoculars do the job but can easily slip in your pocket.

Folding Fit: The binoculars fold for storage then unfold for use. They expand to comfortably fit across the bridge of your nose.

Crisp, Clear Images: Infrared lenses reduce light refraction. So, mages are sharp even at 2000 meters away.

How To Adjust Binoculars


  • Distance Of Exit Pupil: 10
  • Field Of View: 15
  • Diameter Of The Pupil: 20
  • Resolution Ratio: 10000
  • Instrument Magnification: 8
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Powerful Compact Hunting Binoculars

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