Posture Bra Wireless Lift Up


Feel Confident & Tall Everyday With Our Posture Corrector Wireless Lift Up Bra

Our Posture Bra is made for maximum comfort while providing excellent back support. The Posture Bra is especially designed using super soft and breathable materials to keep you comfortable all day long. The specially placed back support straps help you maintain proper posture with ease, which greatly reduces back pain, spinal discomfort & makes you look taller.

The Posture Bra is specifically designed to improve posture and back pain while keeping your bust naturally and comfortably uplifted, it’s the perfect orthopedic posture bra for all women.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend ordering one size larger than usual size for optimal comfort! Our bras tend to have a snug fit. Always refer to our sizing chart for the best fit.
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Posture Bra Wireless Lift Up
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