No-rinse Shoe Cleanser


shoe brush x 1
disposable towel x 1 (10 sheets)

Convenient and quick cleaning of shoe stains

“As a lazy person, this shoe cleaning spray is truly a game-changer! No water needed, it effortlessly cleans my shoes and leaves them looking brand new. So convenient!”
Lucas Harris, 27, California

“No matter if it’s casual shoes or leather shoes, this cleaning solution performs exceptionally well! After using it, my shoes are not only clean and tidy but also emit a refreshing fragrance. Extremely satisfied!”
Carl Anderson, 34, Georgia

Solving the hassle of shoe cleaning, just gently brush and quickly clean.

Our Xintkm™ No-rinse Shoe Cleanser is designed with a brushing mechanism, making it easy for you to tackle shoe cleaning. With the combination of Turpentine oil, Lysozyme, and Triethyl Citrate, simply brush gently to swiftly remove stains and dirt from the surface of your shoes. Not only does it whiten the shoes, but it also effectively eliminates stubborn stains, leaving your shoes refreshed and rejuvenated.

  • Turpentine Oil: It has a cleaning and stain-removing effect, effectively removing dirt and grime from the surface of the shoes.
  • Lysozyme: It has antibacterial properties and inhibits the growth of bacteria, helping to eliminate any bacteria and odor issues that may be present on the shoes.
  • Triethyl Citrate: It has whitening and stain-removing properties, restoring the shoes’ bright appearance and effectively removing stubborn stains.

No need for water washing, no harm to your shoes.

This No-rinse method is not only convenient and efficient but also protects the texture and appearance of your shoes. You can confidently apply it to various shoe materials, including leather, synthetic leather, and fabric, without worrying about damage or color fading. Preserve the original beauty and texture of your shoes while achieving a thorough clean. 

Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, our shoe cleaning and whitening agent effortlessly handles the task, keeping your shoes clean and bright. No more soaking or scrubbing, saving your valuable time and energy. Let your shoes radiate a dazzling shine, presenting a perfect image at any time.


  • Shelf Like: 3 Years
  • Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place away from light
  • Net Weight: 100ml (150g)
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No-rinse Shoe Cleanser
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