Hollander Mother & Baby Kangaroo Hoodie


Our Viral Best-Seller that sold out is back!

Hollander’s baby-wearing hoodie is a great solution for mothers who are planning motherhood, because our hoodie has many functions.


Thanks to the two inserts, it will be perfect during pregnancy and will fit even a large 9-month-old belly and will help protect your baby from the cold and wind when baby-worn!

Remove all inserts and you have a perfect casual hoodie! Don’t worry, Mama — Babywearing your newborn doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming!

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It includes an inner mesh panel to regulate your baby’s temperature, a pouch extender to support their growing body, and a softer-than-ever modal bra panel for all day comfort.

  • Made for carrying babies and toddlers depending on size and weight (it’s suitable for newborns and babies up to 2 years old)
  • There are 2 removable inserts:ONE when you want to carry your little angel at the front or back; ONE when you are pregnant! It adds extra 7 inches(20cm) in circumference
  • When you remove all inserts, you can wear it as a casual sweatshirt. Functionality at its best!
  • It can be worn over baby slings and baby carriers.
  • 2 pockets for keys, tissues etc.

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Hollander Mother & Baby Kangaroo Hoodie
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