Enzier Blood Sugar & Heart Rate Measurement Watch


Keep your health in check all day, every day

Easily monitor your health and blood sugar levels with the Enzier watch. It functions like a smartwatch and connects to your phone via Bluetooth, eliminating the need on doctors and machines for health monitoring.

Here are a few applications:

  • phone appliaction with deeper data
  • 50+ exercise monitoring analysis (sport mode)
  • music playing, alarm reminder, weather display, calculator & a lot more

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What your watch can track

Upgrade your health routine with this amazing smartwatch! It tracks all the vital signs you need to know!

  • blood glucose
  • blood pressure
  • blood oxygen
  • heart rate
  • body temperature
  • deep sleep
  • calorie expenditure

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The easiest and painless way to monitor your blood sugar levels.

We use harmless light to measure your sugar levels through your skin, without causing any pain or damage. This gives us very accurate data and helps us monitor your glucose levels.

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Enzier Blood Sugar & Heart Rate Measurement Watch
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