Backrest Pillow With Arms & Adjustable Headrest


Specially designed to offer you maximum support to your neck and back whilst giving you ultimate comfort. Whether that be on the sofa or in bed.

A gentle, detachable, and washable cover. This velour-style fabric is supple to the touch and will provide you a lifetime of comfort. We are all aware of how uncomfortable sitting still for an extended length of time can be. You will remain cosy and experience less back or neck ache thanks to this pillow. Perfect for viewing TV or reading while you are doing either.

Key Benefits

Reduce Back and Neck Ache: Relish in your comfort for longer periods of time without experiencing the terrible back and neck pain. Your middle and lower back will receive exactly the appropriate amount of support with this pillow. Moreover, your neck. You may adjust the headrest on this chair to your preferences for the utmost in relaxation.

For Your Bed & Sofa Our pillow is perfect for use in either your bed or your couch or sofa. Without interruptions or a sore lower back, lose yourself in your favourite book. Or, in total comfort, binge that brand-new Netflix series for longer. All the while, you can conceal your phone in the side pocket that is included.

Lush Soft Velour Cover Soft to the touch and kind to your skin is the lush soft velour cover. Your brand-new backrest pillow has a lovely velour cover on it. That is also detachable and washable in a machine. Allowing you to keep it looking new and smelling fresh without any hassle.

Not only will this pillow offer you comfort and support to your back, but thanks to its adjustable headrest you can support your head and your neck. Prop the top of the pillow up to turn it into a comfy headrest, or bring it down and rest the back of your neck on it. A great way to avoid neck pain.


Removable velour cover. Machine washable.

Phone side pocket

Adjustable head / neck rest


Height x Width

75cm x 45cm (30″ x 18″)

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Backrest Pillow With Arms & Adjustable Headrest
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