2-in-1 Sunflower Bath Ball



Still bothered by too painful scrubbing, unclean washing and acne-prone skin? 

Try this upgraded version of the shower ball, bring you a different scrubbing experience, SPA-level massage skin, wash out the tender egg muscle!


  • The sunflower-like design fills your bathroom with warmth that not only cleans your skin, but also warms your heart.
  • Stereo honeycomb structure, you can rub out more foam, imitation of natural sponge, so that the bath massage is more comfortable.
  • Sunflower shower balls are made of new ergonomic FPM material and suction cup finger rings to protect the skin and make it easy to hold.


  1. After use, please wash and dry the water in time to hang up to dry.
  2. This product is a consumable product and continued use will lead to material wear and tear, it is recommended that regular replacement.
  3. If there is pulling, please tie the knot first, then cut off the excess part.


  • Material: PU+PA+FPM
  • Color: purple, light cyan, flesh pink, beige
  • Weight: 50g
  • Size


  • 1/4 × 2-in-1 Sunflower Bath Ball
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2-in-1 Sunflower Bath Ball
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